About Me

Hello fellow people! 

My name is Mia Kayla and I’m a writer and lover of everything romance. I’m really not that interesting but since you’ve clicked on that ‘About Me’ tab, here are ten facts about me. 
  1. I live in Illinois in a suburbs far far far away from the city. Cornfields surround my house. Apple orchards are a short driving distance away. And deer run rampant in my back yard. 
  2. I’m a wifey to the husband of the year and mommy to three unbelievable cute little girls who have multiplied my grey hairs. 
  3. I am a Twi-mom and Twi-fanatic. Team Edward all the way and yes I’ve been to Forks, but that’s a whole other list. 
  4. I’m a boy band freak. For my 30th birthday, my girlfriends brought me to a New Kids on the Block concert and it was my best-day-ever. I love 98 Degrees, Back Street Boys, NSync and more recently One Direction.  I wonder when it becomes creepy for a 35-year-old mommy of three to scream at the TV when 20-year-old boys are performing.
  5. I have my own lingo. They call it Mia-nese at work.  I say things like Oh M to the G, You are And things like that.  It’s weird, I know. It may be cute when you are a teenager but not so much at 35 but the lingo just comes out at random moments, and well, that’s just me.
  6. I call everyone friend. Hi friend. Sure friend. What’s up friend?  You okay friend?
  7. I laugh a lot. As in a lot. Especially at my job downtown and I’m sure everybody thinks I’m mental.
  8. I have many hobbies. I like to scrapbook, knit, and am a flower designer for weddings.
  9. I’m a bookwhore with many many book boyfriends so I’m glad my husband is the understanding type. I love me some alpha males, bad boys, biker boys. I love them in my books and in my movies but eh not so much in real life. I’ve got a good boy at home.
  10. I’m a wifey, mommy (not friend, just yet), and writer or other things, all in that order.


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