Sunday, February 15, 2015

A post of gratitude

Ah! It's done and uploaded to all vendor sites. At this time, I'm getting super emotional. It just takes so much to get an idea and a story in your head to final publishable form.

It's so crazy the slew of emotions that a writer goes through when completing a novel. I'm sure every writer has seen this and can relate.

I loved Jimmy and Bliss's story and then I hated it.
I thought Jimmy was just a hunk of a man and he could do no wrong.
And then in the next minute I wanted to kill him off. Ha!
It was such an emotional ride being in these characters' heads.

And as I edited this book over and over again, I kept wondering if I did them justice.
Did I tell their story the best that I could?

Not everyone will love these characters.
Shoot, some will even hate them.
But when I pressed publish, I was completely satisfied with their journey to finding love.

Thanks to everyone who read, left an honest review and promoted EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

Seriously, I'm forever and ever grateful. The end.

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