Monday, December 9, 2013

Pay it Forward

And so,
My Love Philip Campaign in terms of how much I raised was an epic fail. As in fall flat on your face, nose hitting the concrete, real hard, FAIL.  I had over ten well known authors, NY Times Best Seller's list authors, donate books so that I can raise money for the Red Cross Typhoon Relief.

I raised $70 of which $60 was from my made up name and from family members who doesn't even read romance.

I tried. I really did try. I emailed every big blogger under the sun, contacted various romance groups, good read groups and even big mom blogger groups and then nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

In the beginning, I asked my husband, "So, how much do you think I should set my goal to? $1000 maybe? or $2000."

Seriously, I thought I was going to rake it in for the Red Cross. I'm not even joking.  I thought it was going to be great. I mean who doesn't like to read romance? Come on now.

So, $70 is not a lot. Actually it will be $120 because my work will match what me and my family put in.

So, I stressed about it, couldn't sleep about it and then one day decided, I'm just going to the do the best that I can.

"Don't stress, do your best."

It's a cheesy saying that I throw out there at work to make my co-workers laugh when we are all having a bad day. Anyways that's exactly what I did. I did my best.

And although we only raised $70 dollars, this campaign was not in vain because through its efforts, I met an angel.  My one true donator, Jamie Wadowsky, who wasn't family and who I decided to send all the books to, because she would truly enjoy it.

And when I emailed her to thank her for her donation, I realized that she, like the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, had experienced tragedy to the utmost degree. She comes from Newtown Connecticut.

Thank is a great thing what you did. I am from Newtown CT so I understand the need to help and pay it forward..Just so you know these books will be donated to the library in honor of the 26 angels...Right now I have 98 authors who donated their books to be put in the library so that others can enjoy them. My library is part of the inter library loan system so they will be able to anyone in the US for free. It is just my way to pay if forward.

Seriously, it's nice to know there are truly living angels that walk this earth.

And even though my first shot at doing a fundraiser was an epic fail, I don't think this will discourage me from trying again because what I've learned is, good deeds reap good outcomes.

Let's keep the good coming. Make a difference.
Keep paying it forward.

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