Friday, November 8, 2013

Players gotta Play and Writers gotta Write

I try to write everyday to improve the craft.  This journey has been an ongoing learning process for me and I've had a hoot hoot doing it.

I read books to write better.
I read blogs to write better.
I take writing classes to improve my writing.
Even rejections contribute to my journey of writing.

So for fun Friday, I've decided to post another homework assignment from my creative writing class online and honestly, this class is so exciting!

Start with this title: The Window
Then, using this title, begin writing something. You may write about something true, something made up, or something halfway in-between. Up to you. If you’re stuck try one of these ideas: 1) Write about a time you were watching the window, waiting for someone. 2) Write about a strange creature someone sees out the window, like that Twilight Zone episode where a passenger on an airplane thinks he sees a monster through the window. Turn in what you write. Keep it short, under 500 words.  It’s fine if you turn in something incomplete. And don’t worry about writing something great. Or even good.  Just get something written.  That’s all that really matters here.
Remember, this is play.

I stared out the window. Waiting. Hoping. Wishing.
Slowly, seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned into hours. 
I watched the world around me go on with their lives while mine stayed utterly still.

A young couple with matching Cubs shirts sauntered pass as I watched them through the glass window.  Her hand was in the back pocket of his jeans, while his arm was around her shoulder, holding her tightly toward him.  She said something to make a deep dimple appear on his chin.  He chuckled before bending down to kiss her lightly on her sandy blond hair. 

I wondered if they were newly in love, if they’ve been together for a while. I wondered if they even had their first fight. I remembered when we were once that way. That’s before life’s unforeseen events tore our relationship apart. 

As I blew the steam from my coffee cup I watched a couple crossing the street to the park. They held their little girl’s hand between them.  Her little blond curls bounced with every step as she looked up at her parents, wearing a happy smile. Her parents would periodically swing her, gliding their hands forward, as the little child’s feet would dangle above the ground.  I imagined my life with kids many lifetimes ago, knowing it was in my future. Now, I was afraid what the future held as I held my breath and glanced at the clock ticking against the wall.

A woman held a newspaper above her head as the first drizzle of rain began to fall. I reached in my purse and pulled out a crinkled five dollar bill and placed it on the table next to my empty coffee mug.  The pitter patter intensified against the window pane as the rain began to come down.  Rain was supposed to signify new beginnings but as I watched the drops of water pool on the ground in round puddles, it only reminded me of the many tears I’d shed over the years.  I shook my head to focus and stood.  Time was up. As I reached for my purse, my head turned to the door and I saw him.

He shook the drops of rain from his head as he met my eyes and I bit the inside of cheek to control the emotions coursing through my body. 
He’s here. 

He picked me.

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