Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writing is fun... Editing not so much

Hello blogging world!
Happy National Handwriting Day! Yesterday I was hard at work editing my

I figured the first 100 pages were good but the rest was just out of order. So I laid out my manuscript in front of me and started reordering scenes. Today I will work on finalizing that order.

I haven't registered for the RT conference. My husband thinks ill be too plump and round to fly. I want to go sooo badly it hurts :(

I really think (hope) this is my year and I don't want to wait for next year but if he doesn't want me to fly then I won't. Plus if something were to happen while I was there without family, that wouldn't be too good at all.

Sooo... My awesome husband wants to drive me but there is a couple of hurdles to tackle.. 1. He is self employed so he needs someone to watch the shop and 2. I need a sitter for my one child who is in school.

But if its not meant to be then I can go next year and it will be in New Orleans and I can make it a family trip.

Now I just have to wait and see....

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