Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where do you write?

Where do you write?
I write everywhere and anywhere.  So, I thought it would be fun to post where I write.
I write first thing in the morning when everyone in the house is sleeping.

I write on my three hour train ride to and from work.

I write during my one hour lunch at work.  Recently, my usually social self chooses to be anti-social and write.

I write in the car. I purposely volunteer to run errands for the family.  I sit at the Super Target, with a car filled with groceries and write until my husband calls to ask where I am. (Whoops. Guilty).

I write when I’m on the can (TMI. Sorry).

I write on the plane ride to vacation.

I write in Notes on my I-phone when I’m out with my girlfriends. I know, pathetic.

I write late at night when I’m putting my kids to sleep. All you see is the tiny light from my I-phone.  I use notes on my phone frequently.

I write on different post it notes.  

I write on napkins when I'm at a restaurant.

I write on my many different note pads.

My computer, phone, pen and paper are with me at all times. When I have free time I’m writing.
So to answer the question where do I write?
Really, I write everywhere and anywhere.

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